Pamoja Network and Human-Centred Design

What is Human Centred-Design?

Human Centred-Design or HCD in short approaches problem solving not for people but with people. In essence, you collaborate on the strategic thinking, solution design and product or service implementation with those that you wish to positively impact — resulting in the solutions being tailor-made to suit their needs. HCD consists of three phases (

  1. Ideation — Analysing and processing what it is you gathered, beginning to identify opportunities for design, and prototyping possible solutions.
  2. Implementation — Bringing the solution to life and ultimately, to market.

How does Pamoja Network embody HCD?

Pamoja Network is a pre-accelerator which connects professionals from the African diaspora to consult African entrepreneurs and SME organisations. Currently through our network we are resourcing individuals on to our pilot project, which is being conducted alongside Elizabeth Okullow (CEO & Co-Founder of Lafamia Greens). Lafamia Greens is a startup agribusiness firm based in Kenya that uses greenhouse production and hydroponic technology to sustainably grow organic indigenous and exotic vegetables.

  1. Connect consultant team to project — the Pamoja team select and connect an interdisciplinary team of individuals from our network with the most suitable skills to ideate with Elizabeth.
  2. Project Delivery — the consulting team work virtually work alongside Elizabeth over the course of three workshops, as well as, conducting offline activities to build solutions. At the project summit, the consulting team turn over their solution to the Pamoja team to finalise.
  3. Implementation and Impact Report — the Pamoja team review and deliver the consultants finalised artefacts for implementation, offering Elizabeth check-ins with consultants. After 12 months, we document the level of effectiveness and take learning outputs.



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