Leveraging the African Diaspora as Human Capital Investment across Africa

Where’s the solution?

Local entrepreneurship presents itself as a viable case to support job creation and training.

Figure 1: Trickle Down Effect

How could the Diaspora feature?

The African diaspora represent circa 15 million across Europe alone, a strong proportion of which working professionals (ICD, ). African governments could look to emulate countries such as Ghana and The DRC by looking to develop diaspora-focused programmes. An example of which is the Chambre Commerce Swiss-Congo (CCSC), a government function supporting the Congolese diaspora in establishing trade relations. However, this concept could be extended to not only facilitate investment but enable skills-sharing across industries of focus between first-time entrepreneurs and those with sector experience in the diaspora.

Figure 2: Cereal and coarse-grain production potential, Africa, millions of tons


The conundrum of youth unemployment in Africa is a great juxta-position when considering the wider context of the continent. Economically, Africa is growing but youth unemployment seems to be trending upwards with it. In 2018, the fiction movie studio Marvel released the film Black Panther which was set in the African wonderland ‘Wakanda.’ The sacred land is home to a globally sought commodity called ‘vibranium,’ which cannot be found anywhere else globally. Perhaps it is exactly that the African continent’s youth dividend is ‘Africa’s true vibranium,’ which requires mining and polishing through innovative approaches to education, training and job creation.

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